The Most Recommended Construction Firm

Konzept Builders" a team of advanced,qualified and experienced professionals lately marking a significant,affluent and legit projects in Kerala.The company also extends its hands on build and lifelong asset management.The prime objective of the team is to design your dreams with efficient proactive ideology and bring in client satisfaction with the resource output. The team keenly relies on methodologies and geographical prospects to abstain from any allegations. The fundamental factor that spearheads the competency and consistency in the outsmarting market is the persistence on using top-notch building materials and eminence in workmanship.Honouring the values of nobility and dignity to the work assigned,we pledge to be credible,steadfast and resolute.

Our Board Members

Josemon Mathew

B.E, M.S

Civil Engineer with MS in Construction Management, (University of Reading, UK) has been a part of the firm since it's inception. Being a revolutionary entrepreneur, Josemon Mathew has proved his excellence in mining and construction firm. He is also predominant in business management, finance and auditing.
He has been accoladed for his environmental practices by the Kerala State Government leaving his as a visionary for substantial pioneerdom.

Abdul Rauf


Worked in Dubai as a Resident Engineer in a reputed construction consultancy firm known for their impressive and successful projects. His leadership qualities and management skills helped the company in attaining integrity and ethical standards. His ability and enthusiasm to take up challenges and probe are the best interests of the company making him the backbone of the entire team.

Vivek M Mohan

B.E, M.S

Holds a master's degree in Structural Engineering (University of East London),commenced his career at Konzept as a Chief Consultant. His wide knowledge in Vastu Satra and Structural designing has abetted the company in providing foolproof designs.

Sajil Ahamed


His impeccable and prudential knowledge in plans , designing and project management has aided the company in setting tenacious footprints in the industry. His determination on on-time project completion, excellence in budgeted projects and client satisfaction brings in impressive imprints to the company's triumph